Improving our Community

Ottumwa's housing has long been a challenge, with nearly half of the housing stock being built prior to 1949, our community has one of the oldest housing stocks in the state. Along with the aging inventory of homes the average home value in Ottumwa is the lowest in the state with nearly 3/4 of our homes being valued at under $100,000. Rippling Waters intends to help improve these by working in the following areas

Improving Residential Neighborhoods

Through partnerships with other community organizations, we will take a holistic approach to improving our neighborhoods by renovating homes and removing blight

New Construction

We will strive to create new housing in our community. Our goal is to provide 1 to 3 new construction homes annually. We will achieve this through local construction and by acquiring homes from the Homes for Iowa Program

Affordable Rental Homes

Over the past 6 years, we have created 6 new upper story apartments in downtown Ottumwa. Many of these apartments are dedicated to families who qualify for affordable housing

Our Latest Projects

 Apartments in Downtown Ottumwa, Iowa
Apartments in Downtown Ottumwa, Iowa

Before and after photos of remolded apartments in downtown Ottumwa, Iowa. Click to see more.

Renovating 207 S Willard
Renovating 207 S Willard

Recently purchased home is being fully renovated following a devastating fire in 2017

Homes for Iowa
Homes for Iowa

New construction modular home from Iowa's Homes for Iowa Program. We are working on the site prep while waiting for the home to be ready

Revitalizing Vacant Lots
Revitalizing Vacant Lots

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